Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is wrong with ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, PCIP, etc

I was planning to write a post about what is wrong with ACTA, SOPA, PIPA etc, but it turns out that Paul Tassi was faster. And he writes it more elegantly :)

To sum up: You cannot kill piracy by legislation, but you can offer an alternative that is easier, better, legal and charge for it.

Lets hope the movie industry is not as greedy as the music companies (Sony, I am looking at you!) and think that each studio should make the service and charge the others for distribution. If they do that, they end up like the music industry and eventually pay some future Steve Jobs 40% to do their job.

Lets also hope they realize that making a closed source DRM system that works with: Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS1-5, Android 1.4-4.0, Windows Phone 1.0-2.0, Blackberry, and all the ARM/PPC/Intel variants is NOT something you want to start your proposal with. If people want to copy it, they buy the CD/DVD/BluRay/etc and copy from that. There is no need for applying an extra "copy protection" layer just because you did that job for the pirates.

And finally, get moving and make Netflix/Hulu/etc available to non-US consumers. Why do I have to pay for something like, because you cannot figure out that information is global? Why do I have to wait 2 years or more to watch a TV series that has great reviews on today? And then either be home every Tuesday at 9:00pm, or buy a DVD boxset one year later? Compare that scenario to the seven step process in the Forbes article. And yes, I have tried both headweb and voddler, and they have movies releases that are in the "favorites" section in Blockbuster!