Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heavy Rain (no spoilers)

I've just finished playing the awesome "Heavy Rain" game, and gotten all trophies.

If you have not yet played the game, please do!
This game is different from other games, in that you cannot fail the game, you just get another story.

Also be sure not to look up the meaning of certain things, such as the "inches" measurement, because they are explained in the game, and there is a good chance you will run into spoilers.

The gameplay is a bit too simplistic, but reminds me of the good old classics, such as "Simon The Sorcerer" and "Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle". If there was more puzzle stuff it would be even better.

After you have had a full playthrough, you can try to get all the trophies.
There is a lot of advice on how to get the trophies, and a lot of theories about possible glitches.
In my experience, there are no thropy glitches, but there are certain conditions that you must fullfill in order to get them.

I only had two thropies that I had trouble with, "Birthday Party" and "Perfect Crime".
For "Birthday Party", I did not understand that you had to keep running with Shaun, it took me about two and a half lap around the garden before the end was triggered. And then the thophy does not appear until after the completion of "Father and son" much later in the game.

The problem I had with "Perfect Crime" was that Shaun must also die, which is not mentioned in the description.

There seems to be a bit of myth around the "All Endings" trophy. I got the trophy without all endings in one save game, so that is definately possible. Some say that you do not have to use save mode, but just watch them. That did not work for me.

I think you can get the trophy without saving, but once you exit the game, it has not saved that you have seen the endings. So you basically have to see the credits all the way through and replay the missing endings without quitting.

Have Fun!