Sunday, June 7, 2009


STE is a no fuss text editor for use on Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC). STE consists of a very simple user interface, with a full screen text entry field.
The main feature of STE is that it automatically saves the text you type in a temporary file. If you run the executable from an SD card, your typed text will be safe, even if the device gets broken or powers off.

This is such a simple tool, that everyone who writes on a PDA should have. I would expect that there were many such applications avalible, but found none, so I made one. I tried to use Pocket Word,but it refused to save after lengthy typing operations. Other applications would just crash at random.

As always, the source code is also avalible, and as always in LGPL. It compiles with VS2005, and requires the .net CF 2.0 to run.

Download here:
Simple Text Editor
Simple Text Editor - Source